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Couples Therapy

Struggling in your most significant relationship  undermines personal and family functioning not to mention the common side-effects of depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. As a couple, your desire to seek help when you are in distress is such a brave and wise step.  I am committed to providing the needed support and understanding about how to restore your relationship.  We will work together to restructure the emotional responses that have maintained the negative interaction pattern. 

This is what you can expect from couples therapys, depending on level of couple distress, commitment to the relationship, and to therapy itself.
The first sessions center on understanding you own unique arguing cycle and calming it down by experiencing more understanding and drawing closer together.  
The next area is discovering your own fears and needs that inhibit reaching out to each other. Recognizing these in a safe and new way builds on itself.
Lastly, we address facing the future together by continuing to open up to each other and dealing with missteps or problematic issues as a team.
These stages are designed to increase your emotional awareness expanding your ability to respond to each other; to generate a positive upward spin of relating and most importantly to create a healthy functioning relationship between both of you. 
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