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Premarital Counseling

I am certified as a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator which means I can administer this valid assessment  to measure and help improve your relationship’s strengths and growth areas.
This assessment is useful whether you are dating, engaged or married.  A few of the many topics that will be covered will be communication, conflict resolution, personality differences, dealing with family and friends and much more.  This assessment is a tool we will use in our time together to work toward the solutions you are currently seeking in your relationship. 

Note:  If you are interested in this program for premarital counseling check with the state you are getting married in for a discount on your marriage license. In many states a discount is given to the couple when they complete 6 hours of premarital counseling!

Effectiveness of Premarital Counseling with PREPARE-ENRICH  
Helping a couple prepare for marriage is a positive and effective experience for couples.  
Good premarital counseling helps the couple get their marriage off
to a more positive start and 
has been shown to reduce their chance of divorce by 30% (Stanley, 2001).
Premarital counseling 
stimulates meaningful dialogue for the couple and teaches them
communication and conflict 
resolution skills they can use to resolve current and future issues.
Couples also learn the value of 
proactively working on their relationship
and how they can maintain a healthy relationship.  
Helpful Forms

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