Psychoanalysis is a process of self-discovery as it unfolds within a collaborative therapeutic relationship. We work to understand the thoughts and feelings outside of our awareness. When our thoughts and feelings are unbearable to us, we unknowingly push them out of our awareness. For this reason, we don’t always know what drives our behavior. My goal is to help you to excavate those thoughts and feelings that are buried. I want to help you learn about those things that drive your behavior that are outside of your conscious awareness.  For this reason, we meet several times a week and I encourage you to say whatever comes into your mind.


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy believes that people can grow and change throughout their lives. Everyone is a unique individual every therapeutic action is tailored to that individual to enable them to make the changes they seek. I will seek to understood you in your unique history, ethnicity, identity and current situation. We will work at a less intensive pace with one or two sessions a week and I will encourage to discuss your life.

Group Therapy

Groups are amazing. We are all born into a group, and continue to operate in them every day.  That is why group therapy works.  It is a place where one can be re-familied, meaning a healthy group can aid one to learn and to grow in ways that perhaps your original family did not. Most of us struggle with either conflict or intimacy, if not both. A group is a great way to better understand how to relate with others and work on more effective ways to relate.  

Couples Therapy

Struggling in your most significant relationship  undermines personal and family functioning not to mention the common side-effects of depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. As a couple, your desire to seek help when you are in distress is such a brave and wise step.  I am committed to providing the needed support and understanding about how to restore your relationship.